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The Order of the Talmud

An introduction and insight

The Talmud is grouped into six sections called Orders as seen on the right. It appears from the Talmud, in the past, there were more than these six Orders. In fact there were even some books of the Talmud which had many more chapters than we have today. For example the Talmud says Avraham’s copy of the Tractate called “Avodah Zarah” contained four hundred chapters while today we have only five.

One of the great teachers of the last century, the Sfat Emet, pointed out that these six orders reflect the passage of life beginning with the discovery of the physical world (Seeds) culminating with the realization of the infinite light bound in a person’s soul (Purity).

  • I. Zera'im Seeds
    • Berachot
    • Peah
    • Demai
    • Kilayim
    • Shevi'it
    • Terumot
    • Maaser
    • Maaser Sheni
    • Challah
    • Orlah
    • Bikkurim
  • II. Moed Appointed Times
    • Shabbat
    • Eruvin
    • Pessachim
    • Shekalim
    • Rosh HaShanah
    • Yoma
    • Sukkah
    • Beitzah
    • Taanit
    • Megillah
    • Moed Katan
    • Chagigah
  • III. Nashim Women
    • Yevamot
    • Ketubot
    • Nedarim
    • Nazir
    • Sotah
    • Gittin
    • Kiddushin
  • IV. Neziqin Damages
    • Bava Kamma
    • Bava Metzia
    • Bava Batra
    • Sanhedrin
    • Makkot
    • Shevuot
    • Avodah Zarah
    • Avot
    • Horayot
  • V. Kodashim Holiness
    • Zevahim
    • Menachot
    • Chullin
    • Bekhorot
    • Arakhin
    • Temurah
    • Keritot
    • Meilah
    • Kinnim
    • Tamid
    • Middot
  • VI. Toharot Purity
    • Niddah


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